Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Project #4

The presentation project was probably the easiest project to complete. I already had all of the research and knowledge about the project. I just had to make sure it was within the time limit. So I practiced a few times the night before to make sure I was well within the time limit given. I dont mind giving presentations to group it was good practice to do it again.

project three looking back.

Although this paper took me the longest write I enjoyed it more than the others. I had a strong interest in the topic. I also had my strategy for writing down I had a system and was able to use it to complete the paper and i think it was the best paper so far. I really prefer a research paper over other kinds of writing because I have written them alot more other kinds of writing. The library resources I learned about will be useful for other classes whenever I need to write a paper it will be really helpful getting reliable resources.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I love aviation and tinkering and fixing things that go fast cars airplanes boats whatever it is. I have also found that i love coaching kids and teaching. I want to start an aviation maintenance program at my hometowns vocational school and i would like to teach it. For the time being all i can do is gain experience in my field one must have knowledge to pass onto someone else, and get a bachelors to be able to teach. Really the only reason I am getting my degree is to have the ability to teach in the future. As far as coaching goes i try to volunteer with my old boss to coach a little junior high basketball team from Odell Illinois where literally almost every kid in the class plays. I think that is my favorite part of that team there no pressure no one expects them to be all stars its just pure fun coaching a game i personally love. I really do love aviation, but i wish i could focus more on being able to become a coach right now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Research question

1.)Why this topic for discovery?

This topic seems to interest me the older I get. I realize the effects that this question has on my life and how my childrens lives will be.

2.) what questions do you want to answer?

Is america capitalist or socialist, and which of these does America need? Or is it a combination of the two?

3.) why this question?

This has become a hot topic in America today because when many Americans think of socialism they automatically think of communism. Socialism is not communism and like capitalism there are many forms of it. The future seems to be pointing that countries will soon have combinations of the two.

4.)What do you need to learn to answer this question?

The pros and cons of both ideals. The true nature of the Ideal?what America actually is these days?What will help America the most and what is the best fit for our thinking?

5.) What kind of experts to i need to read from?

Economists, historians to learn about the history of both systems and how they evolved into what they are today. Sociologist who specialize in the thinking of Americans.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Looking back at paper #2

The original design I came up with for this paper was not enough to meet the amount of information I wanted to include in the paper. When I first started to write this paper I personally had a slight negative feel towards GMFs which made my first outline focus more on the negative effects. While I researched I found that there was a lot more positives to be found than negatives. I felt that was important to include into the paper.
When I started to actually write this paper I was writing like I was still in high school. I was trying to use the quotes to tell the reader what I wanted to say rather than using the quotes to support me. When I figured out what I was doing I went back and paraphrased a lot more and shorten quotes and explained them myself. I also found it very helpful when we talked about how to set up paragraphs for this type of paper. The paper become ½ as difficult when I started making more transition sentences and introducing authors and giving why they have authority on the topic. Like Dr. Wielgos said in class when you write that way you really only have to write two sentences a paragraph that strictly come from you.

I found as I wrote this paper APA came easier and I actually started not minding using it. When researching and I found papers that were formatted in APA I found it easier to under and I could quickly identify if I was going to be able to use it. I believe I accomplished what I set out to do I wanted to shed light on GMFs and the opposition and possible dangers for it, and I think I expanded on that by including why it is needed and will be needed in the coming future.

revising paper #2

My revision of this paper I did not change the final design too much. What I did change from the beginning of the paper to the end of the paper is broaden my topic little bit more. When I first started writing the outline of this paper I was focusing on the negatives of GMF crops. I found that as I researched more and more that the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives. So I added a lot more positive. I also changed the design of my writing. In class we talked about how to set up the paragraphs for this type of paper, and I had to rework most of my paragraphs to make them into that type of design. It actually made the paper incredibly easy to write as compared to just throwing block quotes at the paper without talking about the resources. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My final paper is slightly different from my first outline. For one I did not understand what I was supposed to write about when I started this paper. I still did not totally understand what to write about. So i finally found that out and it was much easier to write for some reason i kept messing the formatting up bbut i did finally get that figured out

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

explanatory synthesis notes

For this paper i want to explain why GMFs are so controversial and why this newer technology isnt widely excepted, but why it is necessary. I am going to first explain what GMFs are and how they are made or produced. The next part of the paper will explain why people are not totally backing these foods. The first reason i will talk about is that people are worried about health risks. So i will talk about how the different proteins and DNA effect people. The second largest reason is religious concerns and to be more specific the religion of Islam and the teachings of the Koran. The last is the morality of GMO food on the livestock that are modified and on the animals in the wild that eat corn or soybeans.

M. A. Martens Safety evaluation of genetically modi®ed foods
This exert has alot of valuable information in it about studies that show the effects of eating GMFs. It would be useful because it references studies done to rats eating GMF onions and how it effects there growth rate. The artical also gets into very in debt specifics about different DNA effects on human digestion.

‘‘First Things First’’: Application of Islamic Principles of Priority in the Ethical Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods
Many people in the Islamic world have the same worries as everyone else around the world. The safety morality ect. but what may be different is that they are altering gods creations. Even though this may be seen as a problem it seems to be being looked over because of the need of more food. Also many cases show that Islamic people kind blend modern thinking into this kind of tech

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

explaining bush piloting.

Being a bush pilot is intriguing and something I would like to be able to do in the future. Being a bush pilot is being able to take a plane and land places that are not exactually runways. I will use Alaska as an example they provide transportation and supplies to people who would have no other way of getting them. They are a life line to people in the wilderness. Besides bringing supplies they could transport people to hospitals for emergencies and all sorts of helpful things. To be this life line so to speak they have to be able to get to the people that need them. Alot of time these small villages or sometimes standalone cabins in the wilderness  do not have the resources to build runways so bush pilots have to be very skilled and be able to land on dangerous surfaces. Along with Alaska's harse environment this is no easy task. In many instances the pilots are left to there own devices and have to depend on themselves. In many instances the pilots are left to there own devices and have to depend on themselves. I think that is why i am drawn to it because it requires a great deal of skill and you are helping people. It is almost like you are these peoples hero. In many instances the pilots are left to there own devices and have to depend on themselves.


There was alittle family emergency i had to deal with today. My aunt who is more like a sister to me than an aunt. She is only four years older than me and we lived in the same house on multiplye occassions. She got t boned and her wrist got severily broken. My mom being my mom thought it would be a great idea to call me at 5 in the morning and scare me thinking somebody was on there death bed. Thankfully she only has to get surgury on her arm and she will be fine.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Making this paper has been alittle more difficult than I for thought it would be. It seems that I poorly planned the amount of time I would have writing this paper. My first draft was written only about two hours which for someone who is good at writing is probably enough however I seen to need more than the average writer. It takes me awhile to write well and I need to give myself more time to be able to write as well as I would like.  My main issue with making the correct time when I start my weekend my first day off is normally full of a lot of sleep to change back to sleeping at night for my other two days off so I basically lose a day. I need to learn how to use my days off more completely. I am kind of struggling with with the time constraints i have and working.

Besides that it was difficult for me to understand the key point of the essay and what I was suppost to write. Once I understood that it was much easier to write, and it is going to take a lot of advising on my final draft to make the paper into what it needs to be. The idea of this paper is a difficult concept and something I have never written before. That was really the challenge of this paper and what made it difficult if It was a research or purely narrative it would have been much easier for me to complete. Overall I think this was a good learning experience for me and helped my writing. 
After taking vacation two weeks ago and having to work extra last week to make up for missing work. I finally got to have a full week off i thought. But of course my truck broke down so i spend an entire day working on my truck and doing homework fun! I also found out that my roomates do not want to move this week when we have been talking about it for months oh well gotta go with the flow.
Explain the symbolic meaning of a piece of clothing

I feel like most t shirts i own are symbolic of something i did in my life. from places i have worked to teams i have played on places ive been. One of my favorite and probably most obvious is my high school fooball jersey, and its not because i was some stud who was amazing or the best player on the team. That Jersey represents the ups and downs of that season and it makes me think of my bestfriend who i played next to for four years and now drive 3 hours to visit 5 to 6 times a year. That season was rather interesting personally interesting that is . team wise we missed playoffs by one game and were as average as average can get. I however started very low during my senoir year that is. I was going to be the camptain and i had that Idea in my head because only 4 year players could be captians and only me and one my bestfriend had played all four years and i thought i would beat out my friend because i was much more vocal and outspoken. I feel like when you have to tell a bunch of high school kids to get there shit together it helps to be loud and obnosios.  my plans of being captain were soon stopped short because a week before the season was scheduled to start i got in a bit of trouble. I almost got arrested for stealling street signs. Well i was not really stealing i was driving my friends car and him and another person would go commit the hannise act. So of course i had to tell my coach which basically took me out of the running for that position. Throughout the year we would have what would call an honorary captian each week and i was "honorary" captian about half the season hmmm. anyway after that first little hickup we played a couple of games and i played pretty good it was a good start to my last year. Then came the worst week of practice i had ever had. The week schedule for practices were as follows monday we would watch film and not wear pads and talk about plans for nexts strategy. Tuesday was always fun and that was the "hitting" day were we would do tackling drills and basically pumble the snot out of each other. Nearing the end of that day i felt a sharp pain in my middle finger almost like a really intense jammed finger and i told the trainer and he oh its just a jammed finger so i said ok and finished practice. wednesday we really hit it hard running plays all day

what does it mean when i say concussion? does it mean having headaches or blacking out getting dementia shooting yourself in the heart so your brain can be studied. for me i think of the time i was getting my cast covered before practice and someone had gotten hit so hard warming up he could barily stammer his name out. Or when i would go weeks at a time struggling to stay awake in classes i was really interested because i was tired all the time. Or struggle to focus when i was awake because i had a headache for weeks at a time i guess thats a migrane now that i think of it or how many of my other friends who felt the same way but never told anyone and i feel for nfl players who have serious problems from this but now more than ever people entering the nfl know the risk and the rewards of playing. I feel the most people effected are high school players and college players of course. When i played 3 years ago there were helmets that were at least ten years old that would hand to kids. Thats scary now that we know what getting a concusion does to your brain a devolping brain that is and of course i am focussing on football because being an american that is the most popular contact sport for young men and has the most likelihood of causing a concusion. the big problem i feel is many coaches are always in the tough it out mentality and for many things that is on it probably wont cause a hole lot of extra damage like i played 3 days of practice with a broken hand yeah it was painful as all ge out but i didnt make it any worse than it would have already been

concussions are like that whining noise in your car you are scared of what the problem because you know it is negative but if you never take it too a shop to find out maybe it will be fine is how you justify it in your own head, but in the back of your mind you know there is a real problem and it is gonna be louder and louder and maybe the engine wont have as much power or it leaks oil now using more gas you still put it off and then it gets so bad your car wont start it is imbilized you have no way to get to work or school you are SOL so how does this relate to the mindset of young high school kids playing that good old game of foosball one day youll get hit and sometimes but not always youll be like what just happened and out of it for the next couple plays maybe get yelled at by your coach because you messed up and you keep playing because it goes away the next day your drowsey and have a splitting headache this continues and then you go to practice and bash your helmet against another person for a good 2.5 hours and this cycle continues for a week or two your girlfriend start complaining your distant or not talkative and you retort something snarchy back to her and you dont think this at the time but you look back and think thats not normally how i act and then you do it to your parents and maybe even to your coaches
So great news this week! I am finally done with probation at work. That means they have to have a reason to fire me and I make alittle bit more money. Besides that im kinda getting used to this schedule its alittle different from last semester i am not sure it is better, but at least i dont have class the day after i work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

what I learned today

I learned a few of things today one it takes me longer to get to school than what I remembered. My sleep schedule is a mess as always because of he night shift, but more than usual this week because I have to work two extra days this week. So i was 10 minutes late to school this morning. The second thing i learned today is how to add vectors. Which I have done before, but that was 5 years ago in high school. The final thing I discovered is im really starting to resent the graveyard shift. Working 4 days and 10 hour shifts has been really putting a strain on me this year. Hopefully i can get on a different shift soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog? What are our responsibilities when we communicate?

Blogging can easily be thought of as keeping a personal journal or diary. This makes the writer not consider who they are actually writing for, and in many cases for a blog that can be the entire world. When you share ideas with the entire world, and you are writing like know one else could see it there may be an issue created.
When I communicate with someone in any form I believe it is necessary to treat the other person with respect, even if you are in disagreement. For anyone who have used the internet it is easy to see that people lose that sense of respect for each other because they are behind a computer screen separated from the harm you may be causing someone. More often than not when you see disagreements on social media they seem to end with everyone involved being more upset and further from understanding each other.
Blogging can also be a very positive outlet, and that is accomplished through having respect for others thoughts and ideas. Then taking those and have a constructive conversation.