Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Research question

1.)Why this topic for discovery?

This topic seems to interest me the older I get. I realize the effects that this question has on my life and how my childrens lives will be.

2.) what questions do you want to answer?

Is america capitalist or socialist, and which of these does America need? Or is it a combination of the two?

3.) why this question?

This has become a hot topic in America today because when many Americans think of socialism they automatically think of communism. Socialism is not communism and like capitalism there are many forms of it. The future seems to be pointing that countries will soon have combinations of the two.

4.)What do you need to learn to answer this question?

The pros and cons of both ideals. The true nature of the Ideal?what America actually is these days?What will help America the most and what is the best fit for our thinking?

5.) What kind of experts to i need to read from?

Economists, historians to learn about the history of both systems and how they evolved into what they are today. Sociologist who specialize in the thinking of Americans.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Looking back at paper #2

The original design I came up with for this paper was not enough to meet the amount of information I wanted to include in the paper. When I first started to write this paper I personally had a slight negative feel towards GMFs which made my first outline focus more on the negative effects. While I researched I found that there was a lot more positives to be found than negatives. I felt that was important to include into the paper.
When I started to actually write this paper I was writing like I was still in high school. I was trying to use the quotes to tell the reader what I wanted to say rather than using the quotes to support me. When I figured out what I was doing I went back and paraphrased a lot more and shorten quotes and explained them myself. I also found it very helpful when we talked about how to set up paragraphs for this type of paper. The paper become ½ as difficult when I started making more transition sentences and introducing authors and giving why they have authority on the topic. Like Dr. Wielgos said in class when you write that way you really only have to write two sentences a paragraph that strictly come from you.

I found as I wrote this paper APA came easier and I actually started not minding using it. When researching and I found papers that were formatted in APA I found it easier to under and I could quickly identify if I was going to be able to use it. I believe I accomplished what I set out to do I wanted to shed light on GMFs and the opposition and possible dangers for it, and I think I expanded on that by including why it is needed and will be needed in the coming future.

revising paper #2

My revision of this paper I did not change the final design too much. What I did change from the beginning of the paper to the end of the paper is broaden my topic little bit more. When I first started writing the outline of this paper I was focusing on the negatives of GMF crops. I found that as I researched more and more that the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives. So I added a lot more positive. I also changed the design of my writing. In class we talked about how to set up the paragraphs for this type of paper, and I had to rework most of my paragraphs to make them into that type of design. It actually made the paper incredibly easy to write as compared to just throwing block quotes at the paper without talking about the resources. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My final paper is slightly different from my first outline. For one I did not understand what I was supposed to write about when I started this paper. I still did not totally understand what to write about. So i finally found that out and it was much easier to write for some reason i kept messing the formatting up bbut i did finally get that figured out