Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I love aviation and tinkering and fixing things that go fast cars airplanes boats whatever it is. I have also found that i love coaching kids and teaching. I want to start an aviation maintenance program at my hometowns vocational school and i would like to teach it. For the time being all i can do is gain experience in my field one must have knowledge to pass onto someone else, and get a bachelors to be able to teach. Really the only reason I am getting my degree is to have the ability to teach in the future. As far as coaching goes i try to volunteer with my old boss to coach a little junior high basketball team from Odell Illinois where literally almost every kid in the class plays. I think that is my favorite part of that team there no pressure no one expects them to be all stars its just pure fun coaching a game i personally love. I really do love aviation, but i wish i could focus more on being able to become a coach right now.